i’m leaving now where do i live


We are The Great emu War Casualties


Based out of Melbourne, Australia, The Great Emu War Casualties should finish writing a bio and put it here but instead they rarely get around to even this level of admin work. It’s a miracle that they’ve managed to make anything.

Photo credits are The Great Emu War Casualties own Saskia Clapton otherwise specified.

Published and distributed by:
Aardvark Records, Cornwall, UK.
Ravan Records Melbourne, Australia.
They both do an incredible amount of work for us that we couldn’t do ourselves and we should be much more publicly grateful about that.

who is this in my ears!?


Vocals, Guitar & Keys // Joe Jackson
Bass Guitar, Keys & Vocals // Saskia Clapton
Guitar, Vocals & Keys // Jake (Maxi) Maxwell
Drums & Samples // Bibek Tamang

Also featuring:
Vocals, Guitar & Keys // Elliot Scullion
Drums & Percussion // Efren Vasquez (the Octopus of Sound)
Lead Guitar // Eric “The Bison” Vong
Drums // Ben Mear

Forever indebted to:
Samuel Abrehart
Arthur d’Hezbermont
Sophie Van Domellen
David Berger
Jack Llewellyn-Carskie
Juan Van Emmerloot
Nic Pallett



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i'm leaving now where do i live

by the great emu war casualties

the third 2018 synth EP.
1 - it is not fun, it’s not a hat
2 - past the age of pencil case
3 - i’m leaving now where do i live